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Michael Bornstein says he never really spoke of being a Holocaust survivor because he was so young at the time and didn’t want his memories to betray him.  Thankfully, he now understands how important it is that he does not stay silent about the horrors he witnessed and experienced and is sharing his story with the world.

Michael was born in the Zarki, Poland ghetto in the middle of World War II.  Since theirs was an open ghetto, life was made difficult but bearable…until the war progressed and German soldiers sought to make life impossible.  As the head of the town’s Judenrat, Michael’s father tried to use his influence to make life better for the community, but towards the end of the war, even bribes would not work and the family was sent to Auschwitz.  Thanks to his mother’s wit and a well-timed illness, Michael, at 4 years old, was one of the very few who made it out of the death camp alive. With help from his family (most of whom miraculously survived), he has pieced together the facts and tells a beautiful story of survival.

4 out of 5 stars.

survivors club

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