Sweet & Sour

“Sweet & Sour” is my version of that dinner table game where every guest says what the best and worst parts of the day were. As we head into the weekend, I think it’s important to get the bad stuff off your chest and remember the positives as a silver lining and energizing factor. When the weekend hits, I like to release the “sour” and embrace the “sweet.”

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Sweet: This wedding is really becoming real.  I picked up our wedding bands this week!  Now I don’t want either me or Albert to look at them until the day of our wedding so it will really feel special when we put them on for the first time as husband and wife.

Sour: I had headshots taken for work.  One of them came out ok (usable, at least) the others are awful with me half blinking and what appears to be a wonky eye.  I wouldn’t mind except all of them (including the rejects) were sent out to a large group of people to see.