3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This week I’ve really begun my final push to get everything ready before leaving for our wedding.  There hasn’t been much, mostly just buying clothes to wear throughout the weekend and final appointments like a haircut.  I can’t believe it’s so soon!!!!

Bloomingdales recently had a fun activation to immerse yourself in color.  The idea is that this inflatable pod (center) will calm those with an active lifestyle after robing them with color (inside the cacoon, left).  I could see how this would be calming, but I was a bit too concerned about holding up the line to fully relax.  After leaving the pod, you could grab your color of the moment (right).  Apparently, my signature green was all about freedom.

3 on thurs3

I’m a huge fan of Everlane (best t-shirts ever) so I immediately ordered a tank from their 100% Human collection, which donates $5 to Equality Now with every purchase.  So now I’ve got a great new tank and did a little something to support gender equality.

3 on thurs2

Stella Artois has been doing great things to get clean drinking water to underserved countries.  In celebration of their efforts, they built a very cool art installation in the Oculus at World Trade Center on World Water Day.  I’m lucky enough to work in a building connected to this one so I got to walk through these fun water clouds on my way to and from work.  It made my commute far more enjoyable.

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