Living Healthy: Skincare

I was not one of those girls who tried to diet leading up to her wedding.  As J Lo says in the movie Monster-in-Law, “Well, I mean, I’m making the dress to fit my body, not the other way around.”  That was how I approached my wedding bod.  In fact, it’s how I approach fashion in general.  True, I am naturally slender.  That doesn’t mean my body is perfect.  I just learned how to dress for my body in a way that hides my imperfections.

glossier skincare1

Choosing the right dress can give you a peach of a booty, perky boobs, or a tiny waist.  The right silhouette, sleeve, or neckline can also hide those things you’re not as proud of (we’ve all got something we don’t love).  What even the perfect dress can’t do is fix your skin.

glossier skincare2
Very gentle but still gets ya clean

I don’t have terrible skin, but I do have skin that experiences significant changes as I go through my monthly cycle (sorry, TMI).  I am also a picker and agonize over imperfections to the point that I make them much worse.  I knew makeup would be a great help on my wedding day, but I also wanted there to be less for them to have to cover up.  In preparation, I decided to start a new skincare routine.  “New” is sort of misleading since I didn’t really have an existing routine beyond washing my face twice daily.  Finally, at age 31, it was time I started using products.  I began using the Glossier Phase 1 Set about one month before the big day.  Better late than never.

I have been very happy with the results.  While my skin is still far from perfect, I have begun to see results.  I used the Milky Jelly Cleanser and moisturizer from the set once/day while still using an acne face wash and Aveeno moisturizer with acne control once per day.  I also really love the perfecting skin tint.  Since my skin still has a ways to go, I can’t wear that without additional concealer, but I love the light coverage it offers.  It’s a perfect foundation for the rest of my makeup.

glossier skincare4
My first time using any sort of tinted anything and I really like this added step in my overall makeup look.

I recognize I still have work to do before I’m happy with my skin.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more products to my skincare arsenal soon, but this has been a great start.

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