As a thank you for putting on a truly spectacular wedding weekend, Albert and I decided to take my parents to dinner the Wednesday before the big day – just the four of us.  We chose Pacci because my parents love their Italian fare…and the fact that even though it’s in the heart of downtown, it’s easy, thanks to the fact that it’s inside The Brice hotel and has valet parking.

This table looks perfect for me.  Why they didn’t seat us here, I have no idea.
Keeping in mind for future private events

The moment I saw the walls of books, I had a feeling I was going to like this place.  My first bite of our apps solidified it.  We ordered the meatballs and the baked oysters to share.  The oysters, in particular, with their pancetta and parmesan goodness were a great start to the meal.

I could have eaten all four myself, but I kindly shared.

For entrees, we all went in very different directions.  My Mom got the vegetable flatbread and said it was nice and crispy with hearty veggies like squash that made it filling enough for a full meal.  My Dad got the duck and said it was probably his favorite meal he’s had at the restaurant thus far.  Albert ordered the swordfish, which came with fingerling potatoes, veggies, and a light broth of citrus and rosemary.


I had a bite: great.  I went with the big daddy dish: coca cola glazed short ribs over mushroom risotto.  I ordered it because they were out of their bourbon and cola drink.  Truth be told, I pretty much wanted to go to this restaurant just for that drink.  I’d been thinking about it ever since my brother told me they make their own cola in-house and serve it with bourbon, like the best version of my trusty Jack and Diet.  When they were out of the cocktail, I couldn’t get Coke off the brain so I had to get the short ribs.  The meat itself was tender and very good.  I have had slightly more tender short ribs in the past, but only barely.  And those other short ribs didn’t come on top of this risotto.  Even if you’re not a meat eater, get this risotto because it’s delicious.  I checked – it’s offered as a side so order whatever you want and then order a side of risotto.


We walked out with full bellies, taking not of the bar that had suddenly gotten nice and lively.  It makes me think this would be a great hotel to stay at if you’re visiting.

Toasting to what we knew would be a fabulous wedding weekend ahead (we were right)