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3 on Thursday

So it’s been three weeks since our wedding weekend, but I can’t stop thinking about it.  That doesn’t mean life back in the real world has been bad.  In fact, last weekend was one of the most perfect weekends I’ve had in a long time.  Friday was spent doing one of my favorite traditions, French Dip Friday at Rathbones.  Good food, great friends, and lots of booze.  Saturday I spent hours in SoHo with girlfriends, followed by a low key evening on the couch watching the rangers win a playoff game.  And then Sunday was a perfect spring day where I got in a great run and then tried a restaurant that had been on our list, found some amazing items at a great flea market, discovered a fun bookstore, took a lovely walk through Central Park, and then cooked a nice meal.  So make no mistake, life is good…but that doesn’t mean I’ll be getting the wedding off my brain anytime soon.

3 on thurs1

I knew I was going to get Albert a groom’s cake for the wedding weekend;  however, I also knew I wasn’t going to spend a ton of money on it when Albert is not really into sweets.  Instead of using a traditional wedding cake maker to create a fondant masterpiece, I went to the bakery by my house who made something a bit more low key and delicious.  I stopped in on the Thursday before the wedding to drop off goal posts for them to adorn the cake and loved being back in the bakery where I used to get treats before ballet class.  The smell of fresh baked goods is intoxicating.

3 on thurs2

Our wedding events started on Thursday night with a lowcountry boil at my house.  When the booze ran out, we all hopped in Ubers and headed downtown.  I loved showing my NYC friends some fave bars.  And since it wasn’t like I was walking down the aisle the next day, I felt fine getting completely d-runk.  Albert had already moved into the hotel at this point and my best friend spent the night at my house.  This is actually something I highly recommend to brides.  I didn’t think I would care either way, but at the end of the weekend I realized one of my favorite moments was going out with my bestie like we were still in college and then having our own little slumber party.  Having her there kept me calm and made the whole weekend more fun.  We ended Thursday night with drunk food, eaten in bed.

3 on thurs3

Around October, my nephew developed an obsession with suitcases.  He made my brother and sister in law keep a suitcase next to his place at the supper table.  He talks to it like it’s a person with the name, Suitcase.  It’s painfully adorable.  I told my beau about it and he suggested we get Brook’s a suitcase as his ring bearer gift.  I looked on Pottery Barn Kids and found a suitcase covered with the only thing Brooks is more obsessed with than suitcases: trucks.  It seemed perfect.  We held onto it for months, hoping he wouldn’t outgrow his love for luggage and finally gave it to him on the wedding weekend.  Let me tell you, no gift has better hit the mark than this one.  He LOVED it.  He takes it everywhere.  Last weekend he spent the night at my parents’ house when Mark and Allison went out of town and he was able to bring his very own monogrammed suitcase.  It was too perfect.

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