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White Gold Butchers

I mean if April Bloomfield is going to open a restaurant, I’m going to go.  It’s just what’s going to happen.  Her latest project, White Gold Butchers, isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a restaurant AND a butcher shop.  It’s also different from most of Bloomfield’s other restaurants in that it is the most casual and the most light-filled.  Every single one of Bloomfield’s restaurants (and, yes, I’ve been to them all) are dark and funky.  This one is very bright and farmhouse-y.  It was the perfect spot for a casual Sunday lunch.  We could grab some food at the restaurant and then go up to the adjacent butcher counter to pick something for a nice Sunday supper.

white gold butcher1white gold butcher2

This is one of those places where you order at the counter, seat yourself, and they bring the food to you.   Albert had been pining for a roast beef sandwich so that’s what he ordered.  I tried a bite and really liked the pickled red onion as well as the poppy seed bun.  It was definitely a better version of a deli sandwich.  I think there’s also red wine butter in there.  You wouldn’t be able to pick it out, but it elevates it in a sneaky way.

I ordered a salad with fennel, herbs, and buttermilk dressing to start.  There was something spicy in there, but I’m not sure what it was.  It was very good and the spice played well with the sweet notes of the fennel.

white gold butcher8white gold butcher6

For my main, I got the chopped cheese because I’d been intrigued by it ever since I started reading the buzz about this restaurant.  Apparently, Bloomfield, a Brit, has always loved the idea of a chopped cheese ever since seeing them in bodegas of New York.  Now, I’ve been in my fair share of bodegas and never seen a chopped cheese on the menu.  I’ll now start looking harder because this was just great.  Basically it’s a cheeseburger that’s made by chopping up the ground beef and cheese together on the flattop.  Basically imagine the way they cook at Benihana and do that to a cheeseburger.  The result is a sloppy joe-like burger where the edges of the cheese get a little burnt and it all comes together (in this case with chopped pickle, too) in a glorious fashion.  April Bloomfield KNOWS HER BURGERS.

white gold butcher7

The only complaint: the sandwiches should come with a few chips or fries…something.  They’re not massive sandwiches and if I hadn’t gotten the salad I would have been left wanting just a little something.  Other than that, it’s yet another successful spot from a women who I’m now calling a master.

white gold butcher9white gold butcher10

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