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PSA: Book Culture

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

A while ago (more than a year, perhaps?) I saw a fun coming soon sign on a store front while I was meeting a friend on the Upper West Side.  I went home and Googled Book Culture to see just what kind of book store it was.  Turns out it was MY kind of book store.  One that hosts fun bookish events, sells cute knick knacks, and curates a great selection of literature.

book culture8book culture10

I filed that knowledge away and brought it back out last weekend when we happened to be on the Upper West Side for the first time in foreverrrrr.  And it was #WorldBookDay so going to a book store was an absolute must.

book culture4book culture1

The store itself is very cute.  In addition to books on books (all the ones on my TBR list) they have lots of little things for purchase.  These items are not just the notebooks you always see in bookstores.  There are also housewares I would actually love to have in my home.  As evidenced by the strollers, this is the kind of bookstore where both the adults and kiddos can find plenty to enjoy.

book culture2book culture3book culture5

I love when book stores are more than just a place to buy books.  If that’s all I wanted, I would go online.  What I love is when a store wants to start a conversation.  In this case, book culture hosts readings and gets creative with their book displays and recommendations.  I particularly loved the “blind date” section.  Here, all the books are covered.  The packages each have an “if you liked…” label, inviting you to be open to the surprise.  I can’t wait to open mine up and see what I got!

book culture6book culture7

I’m sure I’ll find more reasons to go to the Upper West Side now!

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