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Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: My Mom arrives in NYC today!!!  Also, I went to some pretty fun events this week, including a Broadway show.  I haven’t had such a packed weekday schedule in quite some time.

Sour: There were major layoffs at my company.  Thankfully, I wasn’t affected, but I’m upset for the people who were.  I was also a little bummed that recent Tony nominee Eva Noblezada wasn’t playing the role of Kim in the Miss Saigon performance we saw on Wednesday.  After her performance at the Tonys on Sunday, I had been excited to see her live.  That said, the understudy who stepped into her role was fabulous, as was the whole show.  Also, while all the activities this week have been fun, it means I haven’t been so good about being #WeekdayHealthy so I’m a little disappointed in myself (not enough to miss out on the fun though).

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