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Book Review: Since We Fell

My book club chose “Since We Fell” because of the author’s credentials.  This is the same guy, Dennis Lehane, who wrote “Mystic River,” “Shutter Island,” and “Gone Baby Gone.”  All books I may not have read but definitely enjoyed as movies.  I mean, I didn’t even know those movies had been books in the first place.  Not only did I enjoy the work, I noticed they were all different.  This author is no one trick pony.

Rachel Childs was raised by a single mother who refused to divulge the identity of her father.  That kind of thing can mess you up in the head a bit.  It probably had a little something to do with her on-air breakdown and subsequent panic attacks she suffered that ruined her successful journalism career.  As a result, Rachel now lives as an agoraphobe.  Thankfully, she has the love of her husband to sustain her.  It should be enough…until Rachel starts to realize her perfect husband may be hiding something from her.

Though it was a bit slow to start, this book has a killer opening line and really picks up about halfway through.  I enjoyed that I had to question Rachel’s reliability as a narrator while still liking her as a person (vs. that other Rachel we all know from The Girl on the Train).   It’s suspenseful, but it’s an easygoing suspense.

4 out of 5 stars.

since we fell

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