Book Review: Opening Belle

Ugh, MEN…amirite, ladies?  It’s tough to be a badass woman on Wall Street, contending with all those offensive, groping men.  We’ve all heard the Wolf on Wall Street stories of the debauchery withing the industry, but Opening Belle takes a look at it from the female side.

Belle is doing really well on Wall Street.  She’s her household’s breadwinner, living in a sweet Upper West Side apartment and making quite the name for herself at her firm.  But she and the few other women she works with are sick of how women are treated and want to lobby for change.  But are improved conditions worth it, or is it better to just lay low so Belle can continue to “have it all”?  Meanwhile change is brewing in the industry no matter what, as the market is about to experience the great crash of 2008.  Oh yea, and while contending with all that drama, Belle has to deal with her ex-fiancé who has just become her biggest client.

3 out of 5 stars – a fun read, but I’m not sure if I liked how things ended with Belle and Bruce.

opening belle2