3 on Thursday

This past weekend was nice and low key, and I’m hoping for something similar this weekend.  True, it was particularly chill because the concert we planned to attend on Saturday night was cancelled and the movie we tried to see on Sunday was sold out.  I hope this weekend is just as relaxing but without all our plans falling through.

3 on thurs1_7.27.17

We had big plans to go to a concert on Saturday night and since the concert was in Coney Island, the excursion was set to take up the majority of our afternoon/evening.  Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled that morning and we were left with zero ideas of what to do.  By the time the night rolled around, we were no longer motivated to go out and my beau had a little headache.  We didn’t want to completely waste the night so we made the most of it by going to a yummy supper in the neighborhood and capping the night off with an ice cream treat from Tipsy Scoop.  I’ve definitely had worse Saturday nights.

3 on thurs2_7.27.17

I finally got some cherries so it really feels like summer now.  

3 on thurs3_7.27.17

I picked up some flowers on Sunday and this arrangement just screams TESS.  It incorporates eucalyptus and is green on green.  While I’m not into pink, I love that there was a rose-hued stowaway in the bunch.