What’s Cookin?

How is it already the last month of summer?!

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  • Restaurants
    • I love this article on the overlap between Southern and Indian ingredients.  While the flavors are completely different, this may explain why I like Indian food so much.
    • It’s always a big deal when a city wins the opportunity to host the Olympics, and it turns out LA’s restaurant scene may be seriously impacted now that they’re set to host the games in 2028.
  • Cooking
what's cookin3 - august 2017
Enjoying boozy milkshakes.  It felt like forever since we’d seen Shawn and Kathleen – so good to finally reunite!

Food for Thought

  • I’m sure you’ve seen some of those gorgeous Penguin Classic hardcovers that have been designed to stand on their own as decor.  The Rifle Paper Co. designed Puffin ones are another popular choice.  In case you’re looking for more books-as-design elements, I love this roundup of all the display-able collections you could ever want.
  • With adaptations that include Clueless and Bridget Jones’ Diary, people tend to forget that Jane Austen didn’t actually write chick-lit.  Also, this article made me want to take a tour through Austen’s work and may have to invest in a collection of her novels from the roundup in the previous bullet.
what's cookin2 - august 2017
A gorgeous alley/garden a block away from my apartment.

Bits & Bites

  • Doesn’t this Palm Springs wedding look like a blast?!
  • TRL is coming back!!!  My pre-teen self is so excited for the new generation of kids who get to experience the thrill of rushing home after school to see which videos are topping the charts.  Love that the hosts are relative unknowns – just like back in the day.  One of the coolest parts about the show was that it launched careers.  Here’s hoping this new version won’t cut off the videos right before the end.
  • As an East Coaster, I’ve never been to Fred Segal, but I love the collection they just released with CB2.  It looks so 60s LA!  It’s not totally my personal aesthetic, but I definitely appreciate what they’re doing, and there are definitely a few pieces I could incorporate into my home.
what's cookin1 - august 2017
Enjoying a movie in the park over the weekend with some great views.