A lot of people are familiar with KBBQ (or Korean Barbeque), where there’s a grill in the middle of the table and you cook thin strips of meat yourself.  This is basically the same thing, except it’s Japanese instead of Korean.

When we hit up Gyu-Kaku with Ben and Amanda, we knew they were pros so we pretty much let them take the lead in the ordering department.  My one request was some of the cucumbers I saw a guy eating in the bar area.  Turns out they’re called “addicting cucumbers” and live up to the name.  The sauce is so so good.  We also ordered edamame, broccoli, corn (veggies that seem bland but are delicious once topped with the variety of sauces they bring to the table), garlic fried rice, shrimp, short rib, hanger steak, and about 4 other types of beef that they ordered and I just ate.  Everything was delicious.

They were, in fact, so addicting that I almost forget to take a pic.  Sorry this is all you get!


I would guess the flavors appeal to more people than those of KBBQ (fewer fermented items) and my guess seems to be correct based on the fact that this is apparently a nationwide chain.  Think of it as a DIY Benihana (right down to the crowd), which is nothing to complain about.