Brown Rice with Mozzarella and Corn

I recently needed to make a side dish for supper but didn’t want to have any leftovers since we were leaving town the next day.  That meant I wanted to use, exclusively, items I already had.  In the freezer I found a package of steam-in-the-microwave brown rice that I knew we could mostly polish off in one sitting.  I also had a little mozzarella and parmesan in the fridge that I could use up.  Finally, I decided to add some veggies and herbs to make the dish a bit more exciting.  Overall, I was very happy with the result, which is good since I pretty much approached this recipe with zero plan.

brown rice with mozzarella and corn1

Start by microwaving the package of brown rice.  In the time that takes to cook, you can defrost some frozen corn in a skillet.  When both of those ingredients are done, toss with fresh mozz (either shredded or in small cubes), some grated parmesansalt, and some dried herbs. Personally, I like dill and sumac.  I had never tried this combo together but decided to wing it and ended up really liking the flavor.  Of course, fresh herbs are always great, but this is meant to be a last minute pantry meal.

brown rice with mozzarella and corn2

Typically, the last meal before a trip is takeout, but I was proud I managed to put together a full meal and didn’t have to pay a delivery man.  It’s also probably healthier than anything I’d order for takeout so I didn’t feel quite as bad about all the partying I would soon be doing on my trip.  And FYI: this dish is equally yummy warm, room temp, or chilled.

brown rice with mozzarella and corn3