Weekends are for Weddings: The Getting Ready Playlist

Weekends are for weddings!  If you’re like me, with 9 weddings each year, the weekends are, quite literally, for weddings (attending them, that is).  Also if you’re like me, the weekend is a time to think about planning your own wedding.  Lots of people carve out a certain time each week for  to wedding planning (Wedding Wednesday seems to be very popular).  It ensures the wedding doesn’t take over their whole lives; however, I find that confining wedding planning to a specific time is too pressure-filled and bicker-prone.   I plan my wedding when inspiration strikes.  Weekends, in particular, offer the time to let my mind roam and plan my own wedding in a stress-free environment.  In this series, I’ll take you through some of my major planning steps – hopefully this will help you plan your own wedding!

Curating a perfect playlist is an art form.  Choosing just the right songs to set the mood can be difficult.  And on your wedding day, you need to set a GOOD mood.  While some people like soothing spa sounds, I prefer songs that will get me amped up rather than calming tunes.  I also wanted a lot of nostalgia mixed in there.

wedding - getting ready
Doing a face mask to keep calm while listening to some sweet music

One of my fellow bridesmaids at Lindsay’s wedding built an amazing playlist for the wedding day.  Almost every song had us all going either “yaaaaas I love this one it’s my jam” or “this song was SO the 6th grade dance song!”  When it came to creating a playlist for my own wedding, I decided to start there.  If it ain’t broke!  I got the playlist from my bridesmaid buddy, changed out about half of the songs, and voilà!

This mix has a few modern classics (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Sia, Calvin Harris), a ton of sugar coated 90s/00s teen pop and country (Deanna Carter, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls), some older classics (Whitney Houston, Jackson 5), and some Pitch Perfect (because I loooove me some Pitch Perfect).  Basically, it has everything…at least if you’re a #basic sorority girl born in the 80s.

Putting on the dress with the gals and jammin out (Photo by The Happy Bloom)

I was so freakin happy listening to this mix.  None of the songs are sad – it’s all good vibes, throwbacks, and a little preview into all that fun dancing that was to come later in the evening.  How did I know if I wanted to include a song on the playlist?  I asked myself “can I imagine myself belting this song in the car with the windows rolled down?”  If the answer was “heck yes I wish I was doing that right now!” it went on the playlist.

The playlist has 92 songs and is 5 hours 48 minutes long, which, believe it or not, is about how long the bridal party getting ready process takes.