Book Review: Fierce Kingdom

Three hours can feel like three years when you’re in danger, more so when you feel your child is in danger.

This entire novel takes place over a three-hour time span, and you’ll probably finish it in about the same amount of time.  The book opens with Joan preparing to take her son Lincoln home from a lovely day at the zoo.  But as she nears the gates, Joan sees something that terrifies her and she runs in the opposite direction.  What did she see?  I’m not going to tell you.  I enjoyed this book so much more because of the little bit of suspense I felt by seeing things as Joan saw them.

It is suspenseful – even without being a mom I could sense the tension of the situation that is heightened specifically because her son is with her – but it’s not filled with twists and turns.  What I will tell you is that this book is a true display of the bond between mother and child.  Joan’s survival instincts take over and you can’t help but think of her as one of the animals in the zoo.  She is the mother of the year.

4 out of 5 stars.

fierce kingdom