3 on Thursday

Life is slowly starting to settle down.  We’ve now had a week and a half in our rental and have managed to clear most of the boxes out of the way.  I’ve figured out how to cook in the teeny kitchen and we have begun to establish a routine so I’m feeling much better about things.  That doesn’t mean we’re any less busy!  We are off to a wedding tomorrow and are now in the midst of the buying process for the new place so things haven’t really slowed down.

3 on thurs1_10.5.17

I have been lucky to find a synagogue that I like here in NYC.  While I haven’t taken the jump to join yet, one reason I like this congregation is their high holiday community services, free of charge.  For the main Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipupr services, the community ones are held downstairs in the pre-school classroom with a simulcast from the main sanctuary.  For Kol Nidre (the “erev”, or night before, Yom Kippur service), however, they held the members service followed by the community service (instead of having both at the same time).  This was my first time being inside the main sanctuary, and I thought it was lovely.  It is set up in a U-shape, much like how Sephardic congregations are structured, which I thought lent a nice neighborhood vibe to the whole thing.  The community service wasn’t until 8:45 PM, yet even at that late hour on a Friday night, the line to get in stretched almost four blocks long and every seat was filled.  I’m not sure if it’s the current political environment or the nice weather that got people coming out to partake in observance of the holiest day in the Jewish year, but I was happy to see a packed house.

3 on thurs2_10.5.17

It took months, but we finally made it to Shawn and Kathleen’s new place in the Bronx.  It was so nice to see them settled and to catch up with good friends.  We spent the afternoon watching football, playing cornhole, and eating a fabulous meal that was cooked on the grill. It was a perfect fall Sunday.  The best part is that it’s an easy Uber back when we didn’t want to deal with the train or subway at night.

3 on thurs3_10.5.17

After almost two weeks of no working out and lots of bad-for-you takeout meals, I’ve finally started getting back to normal, healthy, habits.  I’ve cleared enough boxes out of the apartment that I can actually access the kitchen to cook, and I went to the gym twice last week.  The second gym visit was one of my favorite 305 Fitness classes – it felt really nice getting back into the gym.  Hopefully now I can shed the 2.5 lbs I gained in a matter of about 8 days during the move.