3 on Thursday

The first half of this week, frankly, wasn’t my best.  In my personal life, everything was “off” and it put me into a serious funk.  The good thing about the first half of the week being bad is that you have the whole second half to turn things around.  I’ve been planning classes at the gym so I can get those endorphins, doing some cooking since that always makes me happy, and leaning on my awesome hubby/leaning on the fact that he’s traveling for business which affords me the opportunity to distract myself with trash tv.  Things are definitely looking up and I’m starting to feel good about how the week will end up.

3 on thurs1_10.12.17

One of my favorite things about my old apartment was the gorgeous bouquets in the lobby each week.  The floral design was truly wonderful and it was a small touch that always made me happy.  Living in our rental between apartments, there’s no lobby and hence no lobby flowers.  It’s not a BIG deal – something I can easily get over – but that’s what made it extra special when my beau showed up with “lobby flowers” for our little interim apartment.

3 on thurs2_10.12.17

As always, I found a bookstore on our latest travels in Kiawah.  I loved seeing Albert flip through this brochure about snakes, which happens to be his biggest fear.  FYI: Indigo Books is a great shop in Freshfields Village on Kiawah Island, directly across from the Andell Inn.  I love their section dedicated to Southern authors.

3 on thurs3_10.12.17

As we exited the wedding this weekend, we were treated to Chick-fil-A sandwiches and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I missed out on the sandwich (so sad) but definitely got a doughnut.  My father rallied hard for us to do this at our wedding but we said no since we’re not into sweets.  He’ll be so jealous to learn how we ended the night.