3 on Thursday

I seem to have more errands than I know how to accomplish and am still trying to get myself back into a gym routine.  I’ve barely seen my beau, who has had work or friend events every single night.  He’s basically had something every night since last Friday so I’m pretty sure he’s going to crash soon…too bad I won’t be around to see it since I’m heading to the North Fork for a little weekend getaway with one of my best girlfriends!

3 on thurs1 - 10.19.17

Tip to all real estate agents: small gestures like this one go a long way!  Our agent sent us this gorgeous bouquet to spruce up the rental we’re living in between apartments.  It’s gorgeous!  Filled with lots of greenery and texture – just how I like it!

3 on thurs2 - 10.19.17

In other flower news, the landscaping around my office is looking good lately!  I had a nice little moment the other day, just taking it all in before heading to the craziness of the subway.

3 on thurs3 - 10.19.17

I haven’t seen a ton of Halloween decorations this year.  Even the candy hasn’t felt so in-your-face when I walk through Duane Reade so I really enjoyed seeing a neighborhood bar get into the spirit this week.

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