Seasonal Tastes: October 2017 – Crab Stuffed Mini Peppers

I’ve been on a mini bell pepper kick lately.  They’re just so darn adorable!  It’s way more fun to snack on veggies and dip with those than with silly old baby carrots.  That’s why, when I realized peppers of all kinds were in season, I wanted to use my mini friends in some way.  I decided they would be a perfect vessel for crab salad, mostly because crab is expensive and using mini peppers will help stretch the pricey product.

crab stuffed mini bell peppers1

First take a bunch of asparagus.  Chop off the really stalky parts of the stalk (the super woody part at the end.  Then chop the stalk into thin little rounds.  I know the tips are usually where it’s at when it comes to asparagus, but here we’re looking for texture so the stalk is perfect (and way underused in cooking).  I used the tips (still attached to some of the stalk, obviously) later in the week.  Saute these little stalk rounds in some olive oil with salt and pepper for just a minute til they soften a bit.  Once that’s done, combine with crab meat, mayodijon mustard, lemon, and chives.  Note: the dijon was a last minute addition to this recipe, but I think it totally made the dish.  You don’t need much – just a little will give it that extra zing zang zong.

crab stuffed mini bell peppers2

Stuff your salad into your mini bell peppers.  Enjoy those bite size beauties!

This app came together super quickly and served as the perfect snack while I prepared the rest of supper.  Albert actually said he thought it tasted very summer-y, which is fitting since we ate it on an unseasonably warm October evening.  I am digging my claws into what remains of summer and not letting go, so help me…

crab stuffed mini bell peppers3