Book Review: Final Girls

I read a lot of books in the thriller genre but the concept of this one stuck out to me.  Have you ever watched a slasher movie (I know, I try to avoid them, too) when everybody is killed off except for the one chick who survives (after much anguished screaming, bloody clothes, and running through the woods)?  Well, those lone survivors have a name: Final Girls.

As the world’s only Final Girls, Lisa, Samantha, and Quincy form an odd little club.  Ten years post-trauma, Quincy has moved on.  She has a doting boyfriend, a thriving blog business, and a nice Xanax-induced calm.  But when Lisa commits suicide and Samantha suddenly appears on her doorstep after years of hiding out, Quincy is forced to relive the Pine Cottage murders.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

final girls

PS – the author’s name is a pseudonym.  Apparently s/he has written under a different name before and chose the appropriately androgynous pen name of Riley Sager to publish this book anonymously.  Given the subject of this book (and the fact that one of the characters has changed her name), this detail is so fittingly mysterious.  I’m dying to know who the author is!!!