Small Kitchen Cooking: Steak Salad

I usually grill or broil steak, but if you get the right cut (I like strip steak), it is a simple main course to prepare on the stove.  You could marinate it, but I’m happy to cover both sides with a spice blend and cook in a bit of oil for about 7 minutes per side (depending on the thickness).  It will come out best in a cast iron skillet, but mine was in storage and I still got a nice crust using the basic non-stick we have in our rental.  Also, it should be noted that I got these steaks at Trader Joe’s for under $12 TOTAL.  And considering they were tender and had tons of flavor with only salt and pepper, I’d say this is a huge win.

steak salad1

To turn this steak into a full meal, put it on top of salad.  Surprisingly, there are some great pre-assembled salad in a bag options.  I used one of those and added some extra veggies to make it more filling.  And yes, I did shake up the salad with the dressing in the bag itself.  When you’re working with no dishwasher, you try and dirty as few dishes as possible.  Serving bowl?  Girl, please.

You could always make the full salad from scratch (even a monkey could do that), but this cut down on at least some of the chopping and, since the bags of salad are smaller, meant no leftovers.  To my salad mix I added edamame, bell pepper, and avocado.  [Before and after my extra toppings shown above.]

steak salad5