3 on Thursday

It’s crazy how one small thing at the beginning of the week can alter your entire mindset.  That’s how it was for me when I woke up on Monday having done all my grocery shopping for the week on Sunday afternoon.  I know this is something everyone tells you to do, but it usually slips away from me and I end up having to go after work on Monday, pushing back everything else (like trips to the gym).  With the grocery shopping done, I’ve already managed to the gym twice and met up with friends for book club without feeling stressed to get it all done.

3 on thurs1_11.16.17

Last week my team from work did a bar crawl in Hoboken for a little team bonding.  I think it was something we all needed.  I’m very lucky to work in a generally fun industry where a team bar crawl isn’t creepy or weird.  I particularly loved this luchador last supper I spied on the wall of Cadillac Cantina, one of the bars we visited.

3 on thurs2_11.16.17

Last weekend I walked into my apartment at 7:30 PM on Friday and didn’t leave til 10:45 AM on Sunday.  It was a little weird to have virtually no social interaction all weekend, but I think I needed a little time away and a weekend with no plans forcing me outside in the cold was welcomed.  I’m sure this full weekend of relaxation also helped get me in my calm mindset this week.  Just because I stayed in the whole weekend doesn’t mean I was completely lame.  I ate delicious food and drank lots and lots of good wine, including this one that I picked up in Greenport during me and Rebekah’s weekend away in the North Fork.

3 on thurs3_11.16.17

Tuesday evening I met up with Danielle and Monica for book club at Penelope.  While the wait for this restaurant at brunch can reach 2 hours, it’s easy to walk right in for supper.  It was the perfect cozy spot for us to catch up and the fries are sooooo good.