Book Review: The Wife Between Us

Vanessa is a mess.  She has recently gotten divorced from Richard and is not handling it well.  No longer is she living in a Westchester mansion, driving a Mercedes and wearing couture.  Now she is back in Manhattan, crashing with her Aunt and can barely get herself out of bed to go to her meaningless job.  One chapter later, we meet Nellie is Richard’s new fiancé.  She’s the new, shiny version of Vanessa, ready to move on from a life as a pre-school teacher and part-time waitress to a life of leisure and baby-making.  Their relationship has moved quickly, but she and Richard are blissfully happy.  He is her Prince Charming.  But Vanessa has her eyes on her replacement…

Ok so the cover flap of this book tells you that you’ll assume many things but you’ll be wrong.  They warn you about the book containing several twists and because of that, I saw some of them coming.  I was too aware of things and reverse psychologied myself into figuring out some of the book’s surprises, which made it slightly less fun.  That said, I enjoyed the story and the overall concept.  Just wish they didn’t feel the need to “warn” me.

3.5 out of 5 stars.  Points deducted because I felt there was a bit too much compassion given to someone who didn’t deserve it.  I appreciate learning the background of what likely molded the character, but I don’t think that makes the behavior ok.  I suppose that’s how life works, though?

PS – the movie rights were sold for this before the book was even released…check out my review on Goodreads to see why I don’t think that will work.

the wife between us