Cafe Terigo

My father wins the award for choosing Cafe Terigo.  While the rest of us were showering, he got all antsy and made a reservation at a place that sounded good to him.  Thankfully, he’s a good judge because this place was great.

cafe terigo2

The place is upscale-ish.  It’s low key and doesn’t feel fancy (a mix of industrial and shabby chic vibes), but you’ll find all the same proteins on the menu as you would at a really nice place (filet, seared scallops, lamb chops), but none of these items are prepared in an overdone fashion.  While the mixed-size lighting at the bar has become common, I really liked how it was hung with rope.  Nice decor touch.

cafe terigo3

I don’t typically drink much while I’m on a ski trip, but I had to try the winter smash cocktail.  It wasn’t very strong but had nicely balanced flavors (not too sweet despite the fig), and I loved the mint used to brighten things up in the winter.

cafe terigo4

To start, we shared a charcuterie board.  If I’m being honest, it is this board that made me think so highly of this restaurant.  Not only did they have the standard meats and cheeses, they included a salmon rillette and house made pickles.  It set this app apart, in my opinion.

cafe terigo6

The food isn’t cheap, but it’s standard for a resort town.  Thankfully, the portions are hearty.  Albert got the filet (pictured above), while my mom had a salad and my dad had the pork chop over cannelini beans.  All nice and hearty.  I decided to try the halibut special, which was served over a lemon asparagus risotto.  It was way more filling than a typical fish dish, and I enjoyed every bite.

cafe terigo5

While Cafe Terigo claims to be French/Italian, I would say it doesn’t lean in any real direction…other than good.