What’s Cookin?

March is flying by, but there’s still time to check out these fun things

what's cookin2_march 2018
Scenes from my commute


  • Restaurants
    • I had no idea there was a brewery based in Harlem – and not just any brewery, a very under-the-radar one that happened to just won People’s Choice at a big five borough brewery competition.  You can’t tour the brewery itself, but you can participate in a private brewing session in a historic townhouse, which sounds even cooler.  I’m not a huge beer drinker, but my beau is, and I think this discovery is getting him even more excited about our upcoming move to the neighborhood.
    • While not strictly a restaurant, I would LOVE to attend this community seder in Provence.  As an interfaith family with roots as an extreme minority community, I’m particularly drawn to unique holiday traditions and inclusive celebrations of faith.  This one is a wonderful example.  Side note: this town is not too far from the one I lived in when I studied in France – I wish I had known about it back then!  I hope everyone who is celebrating has a WONDERFUL Passover – next year in Jerusalem!
  • Cooking
    • Sometimes I watch cake decorating videos on Instagram (I can’t be alone in this) and love some of the fun sprinkle options I’ve been seeing.  Food Network Magazine confirmed two sources for these amazing decorations: Sweetapolita and Neon Yolk.  These sprinkles have PIZAZZ!  I want to bake something just so I can use them.
    • I don’t usually think about making a large punch for a get-together, but this guide to spring punches has me reconsidering…
what's cookin1_march 2018
Some motivation à la Britney at my 305 class

Food for Thought

  • I love this behind-the-scenes piece about choosing the cover art for a book.  Especially a book like this about underground drag queens in the 80s.
  • With 13 Reasons Why coming back for Season 2 this year, the show has announced they’ll be airing a warning trailer due to the outpouring of criticism by experts saying the show breaks some rules when it comes to depicting suicide.  On a related note, I found this piece about understanding suicide through reading both interesting and timely (the show is actually based on a book).  I wish it offered more science to back up either or both sides of the argument…let the debate commence.
what's cookin3_march 2018
Yes, we got more snow…even though it’s supposed to be spring

Bits & Bites

  • Our new home is one we can grow into, which means we could feasibly be raising children in it…that means schools are something we may eventually need to think about.  I love our new neighborhood of Harlem, but it is still mid-gentrification, which means a lot of the schools are sub-par.  I love reading this take on the process of finding a school in a segregated city.
  • Are you a heels or flats kinda person?  Check out this article to see if you’re in the majority.  As someone familiar with the lipstick index, I found the bit about heel height during an economic downturn particularly interesting.
  • Ever wonder what’s going on in your brain when you quickly decide whether to swipe right or left on dating apps?  This video breaks it down – it’s less than a 5-minute watch and it’s fascinating.