PSA: The Apartment by The Line

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

I’m glad I tagged along with Danielle as she made a return before we hit up brunch on Saturday because I was able to see The Apartment by The Line.  It’s a store unlike any I’ve been to before…and not just because this is the first time I’ve seen an elevator entrance on the street.  Not an elevator at street level; an elevator on the street.  Like right in the middle of the sidewalk.

apartment by the line1

Let me backtrack.  The Line is a retail outlet of curated upscale fashion and home products.  Want a $3,000 Erdem dress?  This is a good place to find it.  But you’ll also find $350 shoes or a $50 marble cheese board, which seem inexpensive in comparison.  Nothing is cheap, but you can probably find something here without spending an absolute fortune.

apartment by the line3

The coolest part about this store, however, is how they’re selling the products.  In New York and LA you can go to The Apartment, where you are basically able to walk through a home.  In New York, the elevatore enters in the living room where you can see open shelving stocked with diffusers, coffee table books, and vases.  To the left is the kitchen area, where you see a glass teapot, practically mid-use.

apartment by the line8

As you continue through the home you’ll see dresses hung in closets, a bralette draped on the bed and luxurious bath products right next to a clawfoot tub.  The place isn’t stocked with multiples – you won’t see product after product on display.  Everything is carefully chosen and displayed in a minimalist fashion.

apartment by the line6

It’s just like walking through a real home, which puts the products into context and breathes life into them.  It’s an immersive experience – like the Sleep No More of shopping.

apartment by the line5