3 on Thursday

I should have warned y’all I’d be taking a few days off while I was on vacation!  While I usually try to schedule posts in advance so as not to leave the blog empty, I was so swamped the week before leaving that I simply didn’t have the chance.  But now I’m back and so is Peaches to Apples!  Vacation was quick but lovely, and now I’m diving head first back into reality since we begin moving into our new apartment tomorrow.  No rest for the weary!

3 on thurs1_4.26.18

While I planned to take it extra easy on Saturday night before leaving early on vacation the next morning, one thing led to another and I ended up going out.  I spent the day running all my pre-vacation errands, including a mani/pedi with Rebekah.  After nails, we met up with my beau for drinks and then dinner.  It was all unplanned, but those are always the best nights.  Because the nail place was right around the corner from Corkbuzz, we started there.  I can’t go there and not get the ricotta.  It’s so delicious and a great start to the vacay.

3 on thurs2_4.26.18

I’ll be doing a whole post next week about our trip, but for now I’ll just say that it was so nice to get away for a bit.  I’ve been to Mexico before, but this was by far the nicest place I’ve ever stayed.  It was also my first time going out in Playa del Carmen – a very fun little town and so easy to get to from the east coast.  I had time to watch a movie (The Greatest Showman – a new obsession) and read a bit of my book before we landed.

3 on thurs3_4.26.18

Just as I arrived back in NYC, so did spring.  I’m so happy it’s starting to warm up around here.  They put out some nice outdoor seating around the park by my office and it made going back to work after vacation much easier.