Streetbird Rotisserie

By now, everyone knows about Red Rooster, Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant that pretty much led the Harlem [2nd] Renaissance charge.  But I implore you to check out his more casual, newer eatery, Streetbird Rotisserie because it’s pretty much the definition of winner winner chicken dinner.  Over the weekend we started moving ourselves into our new housey and needed a break for sustenance.  This was probably the best way we could have fortified ourselves for a few more hours of packing.


First let’s talk about the space. It’s all about old school hip hop and street style here.  Also, everything is repurposed.  The bar lighting is made from cassette tapes, there’s a chandelier made out of an upside down drum set, dominos make up a bar top, boom boxes line a pillar, and there’s a chair made from a car seat.  There are even old tvs just sitting on the bathroom floor.  It’s kitschy.  I’m a fan of kitschy.


Now let’s talk about all the fun you can have in the space. They’ve got trivia on Mondays, drink specials all week long (even during the weekend with $5 frosé), and a ping pong table.  In general the whole place feels like the kinda spot you’d go to for a good time – I’d be down to throw/attend a party there.


Finally, let’s talk about the food you’ll eat in the fun space. Rotisserie chicken is the main attraction here.  You can get a quarter, half, or whole bird, and all come with rice and beans.  The quarter is a sweet deal since you can choose white or dark meat, the rice and beans make it plenty hearty, and it’s only $8.  I thought Albert ordering a half bird would mean I’d get a few bites, but it was so good (honestly some of the best I’ve had) that he pretty much picked the bones clean.  I regret not getting some dipping sauce because I loooove me some dipping sauce, but honestly it didn’t need anything.  I got the chicken and biscuits with gravy.  Yum.  A favorite from home that I can’t find that often in NYC.  We also shared some collards that were made with kimchi – a twist that actually made sense.  We always put vinegar on our collards at home and kimchi is fermented so it worked.


Overall, it was a great meal that I’m thrilled to learn can be delivered right to my new apartment so I can eat this way allll the time.