3 on Thursday

I know renovations NEVER remain on schedule, but that doesn’t make delays any less frustrating.  Last week was not an easy one as we moved into a home that was nowhere near ready.  This week, it’s still not ready, but it is considerably further along and we’ve made serious headway towards making this house a home.  Most importantly, I brought in the big guns.  My Mom arrived last night to help us with the move.  She’s a master of getting things organized and is a HUGE help when it comes to meeting with delivery men and getting things unpacked.  I already feel more settled just having her here.  We still have more furniture to pick out before we’ll really feel like we’re done, but we’re slowly chipping away at it.

3 on thurs1_5.10.18

Last Wednesday, a group of us were ready to enjoy a lovely spring afternoon and left work about 30 minutes early to grab a drink nearby.  The service was pretty terrible, but we were outside and drinking rosé, so we were all extremely happy.

3 on thurs2_5.10.18

Knowing we’re living in a construction zone, Matt and Karina had us over for supper on Friday night so we could enjoy a home cooked meal.  I can’t tell you how nice that was.  I enjoy eating in restaurants as much as the next person.  In fact, I like it more.  However, more than a week of not being able use a kitchen (or even have a table to sit at) starts to wear on you.  It was nice to enjoy a civilized meal with our favorite people.

3 on thurs3_5.10.18

Spring has finally arrived!  I am jumping for joy!  In fact, I’m running for joy.  Karina has been training with Harlem Run and told me about the club when we decided to move to the neighborhood.  She always talked about this intense bond she has with her running “family” and I didn’t get it – it seemed unlikely to form such close bonds so quickly.  But with the move, I’m looking to make new friends and find some new activities so I decided to try it out for myself.  The group meets every Monday and Thursday and works out together as a group.  When I found out that the Monday night meet up spot is suuuuuper close to our apartment, I decided…why not?  Monday night is billed as a social run (vs. Thursday’s speed workout) and is open to runners/walkers of all levels.  After a 3-6 mile run, we all meet back up for a group stretch.  I’m not gonna lie, I was super nervous when I walked up to the meetup point in Marcus Garvey Park.  There were a lot of people and they all seemed to be best buds.  They also all seemed to be legit runners.  Yikes.  It felt like the first day at a new school and I desperately wanted people to like me.  And they were so nice!  People made sure to introduce themselves to me and everyone really seemed to look out for each other during the run and after, which ended in a tunnel of high fives.  As for the run itself, it was great.  You self-select your pace group and get going.  I comfortably run sub-9 minute miles on the reg, but since there wasn’t an 8:30 group, I decided to go with the 8-minute group, led by Amir.  About halfway through, I decided that may have been a mistake.  This was when we had made it into Central Park and reached a big hill.  I run regularly but NEVER do hills.  Even the 10K I’ve accomplished is on completely flat terrain.  On top of that, nobody in the group runs with headphones.  I’ve never run without music or a podcast.  “What was I thinking” began to play through my mind on repeat.  I wasn’t sure I could do it but pushed through and was shocked to see that not only did I complete the 3.46 mile run, but I did it at my fastest pace EVER (8:10).  That, combined with the gorgeous trees in the park, was enough to give me quite the runner’s high.