3 on Thursday

I spent the long weekend in Hilton Head with my family and it was oh so relaxing.  We lounged by the pool, ate quintessential beach weekend food (grilling out, sandy poolside sandwiches, and allllll the seafood), and sprawled out on the beach.  It finally felt like summer is approaching, and I could not be happier.

3 on thurs1_5.31.18

We actually only got one truly good sunny day since a tropical storm rolled through and poured non-stop from 1 PM on.  No matter; as they say, a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at the office!  Even an overcast day is enjoyable if I’m able to spend it staring at the ocean.

3 on thurs2_5.31.18

My beau and I had originally planned to go to Hilton Head with a whole bunch of our closest friends to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy the top tier of our wedding cake, as tradition goes.  Unfortunately, once I started my new job I was no longer able to take the vacation days so we had to give up our trip with friends.  We made sure not to miss a trip there for the long weekend, which meant the cake just stayed in the freezer for an extra seven weeks.  Our friends weren’t able to join us, but we were able to enjoy our anniversary tier with family, which is just as perfect in my book.  I couldn’t believe it, but one year later and the cake still tasted amazing.  Hats off to Delaney, the baker, who made a truly delicious cake.

3 on thurs3_5.31.18

Our garden area was just pressure washed and re-planted.  It’s so inviting!  I’m looking forward to eating supper al fresco and enjoying a glass of wine (or 4) on the weekends.