3 on Thursday

It’s finally starting to feel like summer!  It’s also finally feeling like I’m getting our home pulled together!  Two of our large pieces of furniture are being delivered today with another due to arrive at the end of the month.  We’re also getting alllll of the stuff we’ve been storing in Savannah so we’ll soon have dishes, silverware, a rug, and other fun items that make a house feel like a home.  I’ve also placed some big Amazon orders for things that will keep our closets and pantry organized, and those have been rolling in the last three days.  There are just a few things left that I’ll order as soon as I see what it looks like with the furniture in place.  I love that everything is coming together, and I’m running around like the Tasmanian Devil trying to get it done because I’m feeling dead set on an August housewarming.

3 on thurs1_6.21.18

Since I was early to my movie/dinner date with Danielle, I took my time walking there and strolled through Madison Square Park on my way to meet her.  It was a beautiful day with zero humidity, and I couldn’t help but admire the flowers.

3 on thurs2_6.21.18

On Saturday we spent time out in our building’s garden, and it was lovely!  We always loved taking our supper or some vino up to the roof in our old place – it’s so calming and feels like a true escape from the city – so when we were house hunting, outdoor space was a pretty high priority for me.  We grabbed a bottle of wine and made a huge platter of hummus, olives, meats, and cheeses that we enjoyed in a pair of adirondak chairs.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening, and I’m so happy we’re still the people who like to take advantage of our outdoor space.

3 on thurs3_6.21.18

Father’s Day is also usually my Father in Law’s birthday so we headed to Connecticut on Sunday to spend the afternoon with family.  We grabbed brunch and then hung out on Will and Amanda’s patio for cake.  It was so nice to hang out together, but it also felt like we timed it perfectly – we left early enough that I was able to stop by the grocery store and cook a real supper when we got back to the city.  We weren’t left exhausted going into the week.