Green Chile Cauliflower Casserole

I love a good casserole and both members of our household are into cauliflower, so this recipe for green chile cauliflower casserole seemed like a no brainer.  I followed the recipe pretty closely but adapted it with a couple small tweaks:

green chile cauliflower casserole1

  • I substituted the monterey jack for pepper jack because I wanted a little extra kick.  Don’t worry, it’s still very mild.  If you really want spice, add some cayenne or diced jalapeños.
  • I added some sliced olives (yes, basic sliced black olives from a can/jar) because I thought that would make it a little more taco-y, and I was serving this on Taco Tuesday.
  • The recipe calls for full fat sour cream, but I used light because it’s what I had in the fridge.  Also, with the heavy cream and all that cheese, we didn’t need anymore full fat anything.  And don’t worry, it didn’t change a thing – still came out perfect.

green chile cauliflower casserole2

When I say I followed the recipe, I use that term loosely.  When it came to the sour cream, heavy cream, and cheese, I actually measured.  Everything else I eyeballed.  You’re making creamy veggie casserole – nothing needs to be too precise as long as there’s not so much of the creamy part that it comes out soupy.

green chile cauliflower casserole4
Served with chicken that I simply covered with a jar of pre-made taco sauce (this was Taco Bell brand, right next to those kits) – I stuck both dishes in the oven at the same time.  25 minutes later, both were perfectly cooked.

I was starving so I didn’t really let it sit long, which is why it looks particularly oozy and gloppy.  It definitely tightens up though (as I noticed when I went back for thirds) so if you’re looking for a prettier presentation, that’s definitely possible.  You just have to wait about 10 minutes before enjoying this deliciousness.  A cheesy, creamy, veggie casserole is nothing new (helloooo ask any Southerner), but the green chiles – mild though they may be – add a little something different.  If you’re looking to take a break from rice and beans, this is a perfect Taco Tuesday side dish.