3 on Thursday

My beau left the house at 4:30 AM on Tuesday morning and will be gone through the weekend. Lately I’ve just been spending all day in the apartment all by my lonesome, but at least I hang out with him at night. This week it’s all me all the time. I’m taking the opportunity to cook dishes he wouldn’t like and just enjoy some me time. I’m also planning some legit gals time this weekend. I miss him, sure, but there are definitely some upsides to having so much time to myself.

Since he’s gone this time even longer than usual, my beau showed up Monday night with a gorgeous bouquet. I think he was concerned I’d forget about him. I could never! (…but am very happy to have such a lovely reminder brightening up the apartment)

I got a nice stack of fun catalogs in the mail on Tuesday. I feel like I never get catalogs anymore (and, I suppose, technically don’t need them because full product lines can all be found online), but there’s something really nice about crossing your legs on the couch with a cup of coffee and a bunch of catalogs.

Thankfully, Amanda was in town and asked if I wanted to grab dinner last night. Even with AONIV gone I still got some human interaction during the week! I used the Times Square subway station and though I normally avoid the area realized it can be kinda stunning.