3 on Thursday

I’ve been working hard to get myself back into a routine this week. After a week or so spent largely in pajamas, eating and drinking way too much, I’ve tried to focus this week on getting up with my alarm and getting to the gym. It’s nice to feel a bit more productive. Now all my focus is on my brother and sister in law to arrive tonight – I’m so excited!!!

My beau was gone allll week last week. He left on a work trip at 4:30 AM on Monday night/Tuesday morning, returned on Thursday, and then turned right back around at 7:30 AM the next morning on a golf trip til Sunday. I was under the impression he would get home too late for me to see him on Thursday, so when I found out he’d be home around 7:45 PM, I ran to TJ’s to pull together a happy hour spread. We are a feast and watched the dvr’d “This Is Us” from earlier in the week. We only had about 3 hours together, but I live that we made sure to make ’em count!

With both of our hubbies gone golfing, Kathleen and I planned a weekend of fun together. We kicked it off with the monthly paint night she hosts. Unlike her, I’m no artist, but I like to think my painting isn’t entirely awful. The best part, though, was seeing her teach the class! After creating our masterpieces, we hung out at the bar next door for way too long. I managed to call it a night just early enough for me to not be a complete waste of space on Saturday…though I still mostly hung on my couch til Kathleen came over around 6. We drank wine, hit up a local restaurant I’ve been loving, and then went home for more wine, a Halloween movie, and a sleepover. The next day we got bagels and strolled the neighborhood in perfect fall weather. Basically, it was an ideal gals weekend. I’m not saying I want my beau to leave town all the time, but this was really nice.

In my effort to be more productive, I spent several hours yesterday at the coffee shop (and intend to do the same today). I got a ton done, and it felt great to get out of the house for a while.