3 on Thursday

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! I am finding every possible reason to be joyful this week and can only hope the same for all of y’all.

I love that our industry (and much of nyc) shuts down between Xmas Eve and New Years. It’s so nice to still be able to have a holiday break as a grown up. With no work on Monday, I spent Sunday night at Rebekah’s with lots of wine and a massive snackie spread.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent in Connecticut with my beau’s family. It was nice to spend so much time with the fam, and I loved seeing Albert in a Santa hat for about 36 straight hours.

Yesterday we hung out and Matt and Karina’s for their annual Cuban sandwich tradition. Before heading to their place, we made a little stop at Astoria Bier and Cheese for a little snack. Otherwise, we had spent the whole day inside the house so it felt good to get out. Also, it was nice to have a quiet little date in the midst of all the craziness of family events that dominate the holidays.