Snickity Snack: Creamy Harissa Dip

My college roommate introduced me to salsa dip. We would steal mini packets of cream cheese from the dining hall and then, back in our dorm room, mix them with salsa and microwave the mixture which became the perfect dip with tortilla chips.

I decided to elevate this dorm room mainstay by using harissa instead of salsa and adding some dried herbs. Harissa is spicier that salsa so I would say to use about 1-1.6 tsp for 3-4 oz cream cheese. The thing about this is that it’s all to taste so use as much as you want/need, based on your spice tolerance. Microwave the two ingredients in 15 second increments, stirring in between. When it’s warmed through, sprinkle in some dried dill and salt, give it a final stir, and it’s good to go.

I had pretzel thins and cucumber lying around, so that’s what I used for my snackie, but I think [like most dips] this would work really well with carrots. If you want to amp up your supper, this could also be great drizzled over a grilled hanger steak. Just something to think about…