3 on Thursday

This was everyone’s first full week back at work after the holidays and the shift was noticeable. Personally, I was ready to dive right in. I did so by trying a new drink, exploring a new area, and dabbling in a new exercise routine.

I met Brittany for coffee at Bluestone Lane and love how they have a drink simply called “magic” on the menu. Really, it’s just a cortado, but isn’t it more fun to call it magic? Regardless of what it’s called, I’d never before had this drink and it was a delish way to get my daily caffeine jolt. It was also nice to simply sit in a coffee shop with a friend (in a different neighborhood than usual)- no need for crazy plans.

Over the weekend, we met friends in Hamilton Heights, which is basically the tippy top of Harlem. While we may be Harlemites, we hadn’t explored this area at all and were happy to discover a strip of super cute bars and restaurants. The Honeywell was a 70s Polynesian paradise. I wish we tried more food, but the apps we sampled were great and the drinks were delish. It’s definitely a neighborhood I’d like to revisit.

On Monday I was in the mood to go for a run (rather than my usual Peloton class). It was way too cold to go outside and I only had a 30 minute window. I decided to Google “30 minute treadmill workout to burn fat” and found this guy from Self magazine. I actually loved it. Other than minutes 16-20, it felt very easy (I’m hoping it was deceptively so), but I still felt like I fit in a good workout. Since the exercise changes up every minute, it doesn’t feel stale and the 30 minutes FLEW by. I’ll definitely keep this in rotation during my weekly fitness routine.