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Cucumber, Radish, and Avocado Salsa

One of my favorite taco toppings is radish. Tacos are always filled with stewed meat and [in our house] served in soft tortillas, so they benefit from a bit of crunch. This salsa is that crunch and then some, using cucumber instead of tomatoes as its water-based foundation. It’s way crunchier than a typical salsa, which means it tastes even fresher.

Start by chopping one full cucumber (removing the seeds so it’s not too watery). Next, chop a handful of radishes. This is the base of your salsa. Round it out with half an avocado (diced), 1/4 finely diced onion, chopped cilantro, juice from half a lime, a few drops of your favorite hot sauce, and some salt.

Thanks to the cukes , this has kind of a summer-y vibe. But I would eat this allllll year long. Especially in the winter, it brings some life to otherwise heavy tacos.

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