PSA: Brattle Book Shop

I had the whole morning/early afternoon to myself when I arrived in Boston. Other than lunch, how would I fill my time? Easy: by visiting a bookstore. Boston is a city that oozes old world history. I had a feeling there would be plenty of bookstores crammed with old tomes. I did some research and learned that Brattle Book Shop was a quaint store with tons of old books at great prices. They’ve also got a parking lot next door that they fill with shelves of $2 and $3 books.

I spent a long time perusing the shelves of this three story shop, finding all sorts of things I wanted to take home. Since I recently went on a book buying spree, I only allowed myself to purchase one title; however, we were heading to the ‘burbs that night to see Steph and Gav, and I wanted to get a little something for their daughter, Brooklynn. I found a Shel Silverstein with a great inscription, a beautiful vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland, and a lovely old copy of The Rescuers.

If you consider book browsing a favorite hobby (like I do), this place is a must.