3 on Thursday

I’ve really been enjoying the laid back weekends I’ve been having. I’ve also been enjoying the uptick in temperatures…fingers crossed that warmer weather isn’t just a fluke.

It was so nice on Monday that when I needed coffee, I decided to run the 3 miles to the UWS Trader Joe’s to pick it up. It’s probably been 5 months since I ran outside in NYC, and it was invigorating!

Like I said, I ran out of coffee this week but even after buying it, I couldn’t wait for it to brew so I bought one of La Colombe’s canned draft lattes. Inspired by the lattes they have on tap in their brick and mortar locations (yes, they really are draft lattes), I’m so happy you can now buy the canned version all over the place – lattes for all! They’re delicious and contain 3 shots of espresso so they’re the perfect pick me up. Luckily, the bodega across the street from me sells them, and they’ve saved my life on more than one occasion.

I recently made it into the Century Club with Peloton. I celebrated by taking my hundredth class in the studio and thought my shoutout was my only prize. But there’s more! I just got a free T-shirt so I can show off my century club status with pride. I just had to pay $7 for shipping – a small price for cycling swagger.