3 on Thursday

I really dove into work this week. I feel like I have a lot of responsibility with this new job, but I’m enjoying learning so many new things. I’m getting particularly excited about this weekend. Our anniversary is on Monday, but we’ll be celebrating over the weekend. I’m looking forward to toasting two years of marriage!

We went to the Yankees game on Sunday and I had a fabulous time…despite the fact that we didn’t actually see the game. It was raining so the game was delayed about 3.5 hours and there’s only so long you can wait when the work week starts the next morning. I still he a blast walking around with some of our best friends, eating stadium food.

On Monday I met Amanda at the Restoration Hardware rooftop. It was a nice reminder that warm weather is coming and I just love the bright, chandelier-laden place. I’m not usually into Monday hangs, but it was nice to get out for a bit since I had no other after-work plans this week.

It’s legitimately light out when I leave work now. FINALLY!