My Spring 2019 Checklist

While I imagined I’d feel this way in April, it’s now May and I finally feel like spring has sprung. Since I’m really feelin the season, it’s time to unveil my quarterly to-do list.

  • Buy a flat brimmed hat. I love how a hat can take a simple jeans/t-shirt outfit to the next level.
  • Make some sort of simple chicken dish using coconut milk. TBD what kind of dish this will be, but I’ve at least figured out the first two ingredients.
  • Build a monochromatic look. I’m really liking this trend of sweater + skirt/trouser pants in the same color. These looks often play with proportion, which is something I haven’t mastered yet but would love to tackle.
  • I used to pick up the New York Times on Sundays, spread the whole paper out, and go to town with a cup of coffee. I’m not sure why this hobby stopped, but I’d like to get back to it.
  • An Auschwitz exhibit just opened in NYC. I know it sounds like a downer, but I’m making it a priority to go.