3 on Thursday

This has been a busy week, the first where work has felt stressful. It hasn’t been stressful in a bad way, but there has definitely been some pressure. This Saturday, my in-laws will be coming to the city for an early supper. It will be nice to have some QT with them. It’s also nice that we’ve left the rest of the weekend pretty open and can play it by ear. I have SO MUCH tv to catch up on. It’s just sitting in my dvr, taunting me when I get home late. Hopefully this weekend affords me some time to just sit back and enjoy.

I recently bought some pampas grass and plopped it in two vases I snagged at Target. It’s something so cheap and simple, but it does a lot to pull the room together. We also just commissioned a painting that will go right above these vases. Our place is actually starting to look decorated (with purpose), rather than just thrown together. I still have a good bit left to do, but, piece by piece, it’s coming together.

The work pressure I mentioned was most intense on Tuesday so I was very happy when Hannah randomly reached out to see if I wanted to join her for happy hour that day. A drink + catch-up sesh was much needed.

It is very difficult to find queso (the runny, melted cheese dip found at [typically] low class, inauthentic Mexican restaurants) in NYC but I recently found some, and it made me soooo happy. This was at a trendier Mexican spot so they upped the queso game with cilantro and a couple chopped tomatoes. That cilantro addition was great.