Book Review: Inheritance

At-home DNA testing kits have become ridiculously easy and, therefore, ridiculously common. Dani Shapiro thought she was in for just a bit of fun but received the shock of her lifetime when the results showed her father was not her biological father.

We’re hearing about more and more surprises like this; however, most are due to a mother’s unfaithfulness. In Dani’s case, her paternity was thrown out of whack due to a mix-up at a fertility clinic. With surprising ease, Dani was able to actually learn about her biological background. She claims she has always felt a bit out of place (though, I think hindsight being 20/20 plays a role here) but she has also always built much of her identity around her ancestors and their history. With this new knowledge, she seeks a comfortable place within both her family and her religion.

Learning something like this would rock my world. Shapiro seems to navigate through the shock quite gracefully. I believe she has come to a place of acceptance – one where her heart has opened up a bit and she understands her parents a bit better.

4 out of 5 stars.