3 on Thursday

This has been a short week, thanks to Memorial Day, but it’s been extra busy. I feel like I’ve been running around like crazy. Tonight I intend to clear my head with a 305 class before heading home to fold a bunch of laundry in preparation of some very exciting visitors this weekend…Allison and BrooksMan are coming! I can’t wait to show our nephew all NYC has to offer.

Albert had the great idea of taking our niece to the Mets game over the long weekend. I couldn’t believe she stayed happy and engaged for the whole game! It was a fun thing to do and so nice to have some time with her (and her fun parents, of course). After a sunny baseball game, it definitely feels like summer!

We discovered the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park at the very end of last summer, and I was awestruck. Most people think of Sheep’s Meadow or the sailboat pond when it comes to lovely parts of the park, but this is definitely worth a visit. I can’t believe I never knew this existed and am thrilled to have one of the most beautiful sections of the park located in the Harlem portion.

I’m not the most fashionable and tend to do best with one-stop-shop outfits. Rompers are perfect because I only need one article of clothing and I’m good to go. Recently, though, I couldn’t get a favorite blogger’s outfit out of my head. The silky leopard print skirt was so popular that it continuously sold out every time it restocked. I love all the ways she styled it, but was particularly drawn to the band tee pairing. When I stumbled upon a similar skirt on super sale (and in a significantly muted animal print that’s more my speed) I bought it with the hopes of recreating the ensemble. It’s harder to match a tshirt to this pattern (vs. traditional leopard), but I knew I had a win when I saw this Troop Beverly Hills tee on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite movies and green is my favorite color – it was meant to be. I even paid full price – for a t-shirt! It’s definitely a sign of the times that this whole outfit was inspired by Instagram. I have to admit, I am very proud of myself for putting this whole outfit together. And I probably got more compliments on this t-shirt than anything I’ve worn in the last 2 years.