Air’s Champagne Parlor

Even if you don’t have a reservation at Tokyo Record Bar (but really, do go to Tokyo Record Bar because it’s amazing), you should still check out Air’s. It’s the champagne bar above the basement restaurant, but even with a somewhat singular mission, there’s still something for just about everyone here.

The decor is glam. Yes, it’s girly. There are “lipstick” quotes from the likes of Audrey Hepburn on the mirrors, marble tables, velvet galore, and fringed lamp shades. It’s definitely got a millennial vibe, but I ain’t mad about it, particularly because the bubbles back it up.

I’m a huge fan of specialty restaurants. All meatballs? Mac and cheese only? Sign me up. Apparently the same goes for bars. I love that Air’s has identified champs as their fave bevvy and they’ve really gone for it. There is a large menu that’s easy to plow through because of how it’s organized (like the section when you want “a drinker not a thinker”). When you need help (which I did since I’m not too knowledgable), the staff is great at helping you choose. I actually loved the Frederic Savart she steered us toward.

There are some yummy snacks on the menu that happen to pair well with champagne (meats and cheeses, oysters, etc.) Basically, this makes for an adorable date night. Or happy hour with the gals. Or Wednesday. Whatever.

If you don’t like champagne, they have a few wine/beer options, but I’d encourage you to expand your horizons. I, personally, don’t drink a ton of champagne (other than those bottomless brunch mimosas amirite?) but I was so happy I leaned in. Sometimes it’s about finding the right champagne for you – and this is the place to do it.