Super Nice Coffee and Bakery

I’ve missed this cute little cafĂ© for the last 5 months that it’s been open solely because I’ve always walked on the other side of the street and it’s been hiding just around the corner. But on Friday night I spotted it from the cab and made a point to go on Saturday for some treats that I could bring to Matt and Karina’s place.

After some research, I’ve learned this place is an extension of Danny’s Macaroons. While they’ve never had an actual storefront for their high end macaroons, they now have a small spot offering those, along with other baked goods, breakfast treats, and coffee.

I arrived towards the end of the day so many of the pastries were gone, but they were so nice and pulled out trays of the beloved macaroons, allowing me to make my own mix. I chose 4 chocolate dipped (2 with almonds, 2 without) and 4 of the pineapple guava. FYI – the pineapple guava was a huge hit.

The pineapple guava were particularly good. It’s not just the new flavors. They use high quality ingredients to make these nothing like the boxed Passover macaroons you may have had before. But Super Nice doesn’t just sell the macaroons. They have a great coffee menu (by 2:30 PM on the Saturday of a heat wave I required another iced coffee and they had my back) and tons of other baked goods. The flavors (salted caramel! pb&j!) are a large part of what makes the macaroons so special. They’re also getting innovative with their other pastries. They’ve gone crazy (in a good way) with focaccia flavors like Moroccan roasted pepper tomato and Mike’s hot honey with almonds and queso Oaxaca. They offer arugula pesto on the BEC. And those mini bundts are actually olive oil cakes.