3 on Thursday

My crazy life of travel has begun! I’m sending this from Orlando, where I’m at a work conference. I’ll be extra excited to get to the second leg of my journey – a wedding in Denver with all of my fam from one side. It will be so nice to all be together!

We don’t take advantage of our proximity to Spanish Harlem nearly enough so I’m happy that we just went to one of my favorite spots. They got all fancy with an Instagram handle all of a sudden, but it’s still the same amazing and authentic food.

I had been planning to get a new phone within the next two weeks because I was due for an upgrade and really wanted portrait mode for our Greece trip. Two weeks turned into two hours when I dropped my phone and completely shattered it. In a decade of owning an iPhone, I’d never before cracked my screen so my record is also shattered. I guess I should be thankful to have had a reason to not procrastinate? Also, I somehow managed to get upsold and walked out of the store with a new iPad. Again, it was something I needed since mine was dead, but who do I think I am making all these huge tech purchases in one day?! Still, I have to admit, I’m feeling very 21st century now.

After a lot of prep, it’s good to finally be at this work conference. It’s also cool to see so many people celebrating the podcast industry that I’m so excited to be a part of. The only downside is that I’m too busy working to go to Disney/Universal. If I didn’t have the wedding to go to, I’d totally just stay through the weekend. Oh well, I guess I just need to plan another trip!